Saturday, September 22, 2018

Top Ten Colors for 2018!

There are ten fashionable colors composing the primary Fall / Winter 2018/2019 collections. See them on our facebook page, watch for tips on how to wear them when you come back from the holidays. Warm autumn  tones alternate with vibrant and strong hues much loved by millennials.

  • Whisky brown or Bronze: a soft warm hue, like the liquor.  Its remind us of wood’s veining. 
  • Cherry red: a warm rich color, ideal to enhance velvet, tulle and satin. Ideal for elegant, retro-feel looks. Definitely a stand out color.

  • Slate Blue: the color of romance. A color that evokes trust, and the warmth. Perfect for all girls skin tones.
  • Dusty Rose or Mauves: still one of the favorite hues with all designers. Exuberant when worn from head to toe, or as a creative detail.  

  • Lavender shades: also “lilac” "Victorian Lilac", it's a lovely pastel that, unlike pink or baby blue can add character to a statement or intricate outfit.
  • From Orange to Coral: Fall’s symbolic hues stand out with all sunny and brilliant effect. Dare to wear an orange and fight the dropping temperatures.  
  • Golds & Soft Yellow: Were readily available at market for Spring 2019. 

  • Green, from Emerald to Hunter: warm, earthy and subdued, similar to military green but with golden undertones.  
  • Grays: from Platinum to Charcoal: it’s the new black, perfect from am to pm, for a bridesmaid or a cocktail dress. 
  • Silver: be it shiny and sequined with a mirrored effects. On elegant metallic sequins or beadwork. Silver dresses can be bold or more subtle in chiffons. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Let's Talk About Curves!

Let's Talk About Curves!

At Bella Sposa Bridal and Prom we have decades of experience working with all sizes and shapes of girls.  Let's face it:  there are a lot of full figured, and beautifully curvy girls who are getting married. It's important that you find the gown that you feel beautiful and excited to be in.  Over the years I've heard countless horror stories about other salon's being rude regarding size.  You won't find that here! We love our girls:  no matter their size.
We think it's important that you feel like you are working with someone who really cares about you and your wedding day.  We care how you look and how you feel.  It's the most important day of your life after all.  It should be filled with joy and excitement, not dread and terror of not being able to find the perfect dress in your size.

Curvy girls have come to the right place when they come to Bella Sposa Bridal & Prom. We understand dressing your curves, embracing your beauty, and being exactly on trend! Our staff can lead you through dozens of choices for designer plus size dresses. 

So today I am going to focus on the wonderful, curvaceous Bride, you know:  those beautiful, bootylicious, big boned, bodacious girls.
So you are engaged now!  Congratulations! I know how excited you are.  Then you start dress shopping….and the frustration begins. Every ad and magazine you look at has little tiny pencil thin girls.  Seriously?!?  How can you get a vision of what YOU will look like??  If you are like so many you hit the big corporate chain ones A.A. & D. B.  No, we're not talking about Alcoholics Anonymous or Dooney & Burke. What you find are dresses that look like every other Bride but not the unique, confident beautiful woman that you are.  Otherwise what you find are the tent dress that hides all the curves. Then you head to a boutique where they have either nothing or a limited number of dress in your size, breathe in & stretch….we have the right shape, give yourself a chance, open your mind, (have faith in your consultant, she has seen ALL the dresses on a body)…TRY on dresses.
Your man loves every curve and inch of you!  You want everyone to see what he loves.  It's only natural and logical that you hunt to find a dress that accentuates and compliments those things.  We aren't insinuating that we don't all have flaws. We do!  What we want to accentuate are your assets.  We want everyone to see your beauty and create that memorable vision that makes everyone see why he proposed to you!
We are super excited to introduce the Christina Wu Love Collection designed especially and exclusively for our fluffy beauties!

So let’s talk about shapes.

A-line – This gown is going to compliment your bust & waist then float out at your hips. This shape is great for a curvy yet proportionate girl.  We will make sure that it totally flatters once perfectly fit to you!
Ballgown – This gown is good for the Bride who wants to look like a Princess.  It's outstanding for the bride with a tiny waist and works to accentuate that marvelous feature.  The Bride who is pear shaped or the Bride who wants something traditional.
Straps or strapless -  Many designers have made that a little harder for a long time. Fortunately the winds of change are blowing and it's not as hard to find a beautiful dress with straps.  Regardless we can customize so you can get the type sleeves you want added to any dress in order to meet your needs & your vision. Most designers have heard that some Brides need jackets for their church or temple or maybe they just want a little more coverage. (Check out some of the jackets available ).
Trumpet – This gown is fitted to the hip, Then flares out. This gown is for the Bride who doesn’t want to hide her curves, she feels confident & sexy…& it shows.

Remember ladies this is the best time of your life, and now is not the time to crash diet. Your Honey loves YOU, he proposed to you just as you are!  Don't change and don’t stress yourself out trying to fit into a certain size. Wedding dresses are European sizing so it is totally different than ours. Once you have ordered your dress, ideally you want to stay the same or lose no more than ten to fifteen pounds otherwise your alterations cost will go up! You are going to look beautiful, because the wedding is about the commitment to each other & love makes us all beautiful.
Schedule your exclusive "Spoil Me Appointment" to let our staff help you find the dress of your dreams at the store "Where dreams come true...Often!